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The Nature Academy
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Mr. Detzel,

I wanted to let you know that my son and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Nature Academy this past week. I grew up in the country and have been surrounded by nature and wildlife most of my life. I thought I knew a lot about it, but a visit to your Nature Academy proved me wrong. It seemed to help me gain a whole new perspective on nature and the things around me. I’ve walked through the woods many times without knowing what type of trees were around me. It was very interesting learning about all the animals that used to be in the woods and how differently things were done years ago.

 I feel like the students and I came back from the field trip with a better understanding of nature how things used to be done. I think it is extremely important to educate our younger generation so they will take care of nature and have it around for their children’s children. It is great that your program is available to students who may not have the opportunity to see and learn about nature any other way. It is much more enjoyable learning about nature in person than from a book. I hope this program remains available for many years to come. Thanks for making it a wonderful field trip.


 Amanda S.
4th Grade Chaperone

Richard Detzel
Nature Academy

Dear Mr. Detzel,

On behalf of our local Homeschoolers Association, we want to highly compliment you on your Nature Academy.

Just speaking to you on the phone when setting up our session, it was obvious that you have a deep knowledge and passion for both nature and the historical value of what is around you.

Our students learned so much the day we spent at your Academy. We learned some history, about various plants and how they can be used medicinally, about seed dispersal and many other subjects. You have wonderful, hands-on exhibits that kept us all engaged while you were speaking, and the nature walk was an experience not to be missed – getting to sample and learn about things right from the land was pretty incredible.

 Thank you for hosting our group and imparting to us some of your wisdom. We are really looking forward to our January and May sessions with you, and we will certainly spread the word that this wonderful option is available for field trips.

 Thank you again for everything!

 Best Regards,

 Christy W.
Homeschoolers Field Trip Coordinator

Hello Mr. Detzel,

 I would like to thank you for welcoming Mrs. Z’s 4th grade class and parents to the Nature Academy. I have been on many field trips with my children in the past, and I have to tell you that this was one of our favorites! You were amazing and made learning about Kentucky history engaging, exciting, and fun. Some of the highlights for me and my children were:

  • Passing abound different animal fur and trying to guess which animal the fur belonged to and also learning about the animal in the process.
  • Passing around artifacts and learning the history related to the artifact (especially the tomahawk).
  • Walking around the property and learning about plant life and trees we were encountering.
  • Smelling and tasting various things from the land and learning how they can benefit us in our everyday lives. I liked your saying “not everything comes from Kroger kids”. This is so true and I am sure that statement resonated with the children.
  • Children exploring the land to find as many “s” words as they could. All the children really enjoyed this game and had fun exploring.

 You were so informative and you really have a fantastic program that educates children in such an engaging and fun way. Your passion spills over into your guests and as a result I feel like everyone who has the pleasure to visit the Nature Academy will leave with a deeper appreciation for our land, animals, and environment.

 Thanks again for a wonderful time and experience!


 Michelle K.

Over the years I have brought several of my corporate teams to the Nature Academy resulting in some of the most memorable and productive off-site sessions that most of us have ever experienced.  Even now, folks that I haven’t seen in some time come up to me and bring up our team meetings at the Nature Academy.

The Nature Academy is a beautiful and unique location with plenty of wooded rolling acres and lakefront to stretch out and explore, all of which help to put folks in a mindset to be more open to new ideas, planning, problem solving, even to each other.  Equally important, Rich is a great host who can provide insight to the history of the area, and an introduction to some of the local plant and wildlife. 

I would highly recommend this unique venue for a memorable and productive team experience!

Thank you Rich!

Jody D.

Director Enterprise Sales
Microsoft Corporation

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